Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies

What you are about to read will cause a turn around in your life and health. There are a million and one reason why herbs can perfect the healing work prayers have started in you. In fact, this herb provided by God for human use can be positively seen at work in your life. This article will make you see that focusing on God is the antidote to efficacy of herbs in your life. By the time i finish on this issue of herbs, most of us would have had a completely different view of herbs. your mind will receive a new orientation, your heart, a fresh focus, you will have more unstoppable desire to move your health, that of your family and friends to a new level. you will be reading some stories, facts and having insight into understanding the efficacy of herbs as medicine.

We need this information, some know it and others don't, let's go ahead,happy reading.


Herbalism is the act of collecting,conserving, utilizing and application of medicinal plants for the cure and prevention of illnesses; and for the promotion of physical and spiritual well being. the person who practices this act is called an herbalist. An herbalist is a man or woman who has a knowledge of the medicinal use of plants and used the knowledge to help him/her and others. The trained herbalist can identify and differentiate one herb from the others. In African communities some plants are known to almost every bodies as medicinal. For example, the neem tree called "dogoyaro" tree, is known generally to be good for the treatment of malaria. But the herbalist sees it deeper for many other medicinal purposes. Many people often confuse the term herbalist with other terms such as native doctors, etc.In the mind of many Nigerians; there is no difference between the herbalist, native doctor, sorcerer, magicians, diviner, witch or wizard, they are all the same. Thus the term has pagan connotation. The herbalist is often seen as a subject of fear, an idol worshiper who can kill at will.


It is a fact that more and more people are turning into traditional medicine for help .It is common to see medical doctor advising people to go and try traditional medicine when they meet complicated cases. But on the general level, many African still associate traditional medicine with 'paganism' or 'juju'. I know of many christian who are compelled to try traditional medicines in their sickness. When they got better they become disturbed that they have gone contrary to their faith. The fact is that they got relieved after talking the traditional treatment, But their conscience inflicted a worse suffering on them. The christian church is not against the use of herbs for the promotion of sound health, what the church is against is such pagan actions as rituals, sacrifices, oath taking etc. IT is indeed very sad that many people die of many sicknesses which can easily be cured by herbs that are growing around them. African is the most blessed of all the continents when it comes to medications plants. It is said that of the 300,000 [three hundred thousand ] species of the medicinal plant growing all over the world over 200,000 [two hundred thousand] are found in Africa.Yet millions of Africans die daily of various sicknesses. Indeed 'my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. [Hosea. 4:6]. Many Africans still have it sometimes at the back of their minds that their culture and traditions are inferior, under privilege and should be de-emphasized. The more their buildings, their liturgy, music, dressing and even food appears western; the more civilized the need to be also able to think, eat, walk and speak like Europeans and Americans. Every African whether he admits it or not, suffers from a deep-seated inferiority complex, and this is the cause of many of our problems.

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