GVM Natural Morn

GVM Natural Morn

GVM Natural Morn is produced and marketed by GVM and FARM Alternative Fertility Hospital Ltd, a notable natural fertility center with unusual expertise in natural herbs and nutrition to treating cases of infertility, ranging from Fibroid to Ovarian cyst, to Tube blockage, Low sperm count and Olygospermia.
We have evidences of miraculous healing that defy science, which attest to the efficacy and potency of nature and healing. The development of natural herbs has made the Chinese stand out among nations, and has brought unprecedented development to Chinese economy, making her to become a nation that cannot be overlooked with regards to herbal healing.

GVM Natural Morn is an herbal based product, blended and packaged in a hygienic environment licensed by Golden Penny USA. Our Natural Morn is composed to deal with body element deficiencies that mostly cause infertility in both male and female.
GVM Natural Morn is good for breakfast. It serves as food supplement to provide the needed vitamins and nutrients that the body needs. It also boosts the immune system, corrects hormonal imbalance and detoxifies the body.
The product is pocket friendly and available in all leading stores and markets

Wheat powder, Guinea corn powder, Soya beans, Cocoa powder, Ofada rice, Maize, Ginger, Mistletoe, and other natural additives to meet the nutritional needs of the body.

How To Prepare The Meal
Natural Morn preparation is easy just like the other morns or flakes. Pour the desired quantity of hot water in a bowl, then pour your desired quantity of Natural morn and stir till you achieve your desired texture and thickness, add milk and sugar if desired.

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