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An incident akin to the story of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible replayed itself at Alakia, Ibadan, Oyo state when an aged couple was delivered of their first baby.
The couple, Pastor and Pastor Mrs Abosede Christiana Muritala Inaolaji who are both 70 and 64 years respectively. Pa and mama Inaolaji of Ibadan got married 35 years ago as Muslims and looked forward to raising their own children. The children however, never came forth on time as mama Inaolaji could not get pregnant. Thus, began the search for a child they could call their own. Several visits were made to hospitals, alfas, Imams, marabouts and herbalists all to no avail. In the search for a child, the couple encountered Jesus Christ and became Christians. That singular act however, further pitched them praying and believing God. Mama wanted to undergo an operation when it was discovered that she had multiple fibroid in her womb. Papa Muritala paid for the operation but mama was afraid considering her age and the fact that the fibroid were many.

The doctor did not also help matters as they described how mama's body will be mutilated, which frightened her so much in addition to the fact that she would not be sedated but her womb area (stomach) only would be deadened. For fear that she might not make it after the operation, papa and mama agreed to forgo the operation fee and also to forget about the operation. However, they kept on praying and trusting God for the best. It was on a sunny afternoon when mama Inaolaji heard advertisement about God's Voice Ministries International (GVM) on radio and by then, papa Inaolaji was already fed up. Hear mama Inaolaji "I was 59 years old when I came to GVM with eight multiple fibroids, two ovarian cysts and tube blockage in 2009. I went to GVM and The doctor recommended MRI test, and after that, I used GVM's Frothy cream and anti-bareness cream and we did IVF, I delivered the fibroid live without operation and thereafter I conceived and gave birth to a baby boy who weighed 6.2kg at the age of 60 while my husband was 70 years. The baby was delivered through CS because of the weight of the child."
The new mother who is savouring the joy of motherhood for the first time in her life said,
On her experience when she was pregnant, mama Inaolaji said people talked in whispers and hushed tones whenever they saw her while family members especially her in-laws claimed that her stomach was merely swelling due to the various spiritual water they claimed she drank at her place of worship. Mama Inaolaji, who spoke in Yoruba exclaimed "Haa, nigbati ojo esin mi su dede, Olorun ba mi se", meaning the rain of mockery was about to fall on me, God covered me with the garment of a baby.
Explaining further, pastor Muritala Inaolaji said, "I am from Ejigbo, I gave my life to Jesus, he gave me a child at the age of 70 years" - 0807086845070, 08033996008.
Posted By: Pst & Pst (Mrs) Muritala Inaolaji
Mrs. Christiana Akpoguma, the Sarah of our time.

The barrister himself and the wife are MFM members in regional Headquarters Warri. He said that the child God gave to them at GVM Fertility and IVF Center was born by his wife at the age of 64 while he himself was 75 years old. The wife is a retired school principal while the husband is also a retired lawyer.
The MFM general overseer, Dr. D. K Olukoya when he heard about the testimony, he ask for information from their regional pastor in Warri, they confirmed that everybody knows them in MFM Warri Headquarters and email every information about the testimony to him in Lagos. It was also included that Dr. Christiana Abosede Oluwasola is a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry, she is an interpreter in MFM, Ibadan.

That Dr. Abosede Oluwasola handled their case with both prayer, deliverance and did MRI medical test for them. After that, the eight huge fibroids were dissolved without any operation and by the time fibroid was remaining two she placed on naturl IVF treatment, which was successful and she conceived and was delivered of a baby boy without operation.
The woman Mrs. Christiana Akpoguma's life is full of miracles, she married at the age of 52 and had already lost her menses before marriage but two weeks to her wedding, she received her menses back and the testimony was carried by MFM Warri Bulletin - Fire in the Word. Moreover, the husband never married before meeting her although he has seven children outside wedlock already and eight grand children before he gave his life to Jesus and married Mrs Christiana Akpoguma. All the children call Mrs Christiana mummy because she is a woman of God to the core. They are well known by Warri MFM members, ushers and the regional pastor.
We thank God that He is using His handmaiden Dr. C. Abosede Oluwasola to bring about miracles in the lives of people according to the grace she received from God.
Posted By: Mrs. Christiana Akpoguma
35 years after marriage, woman gives birth to first child, carries pregnancy for 5 years and 6 months.
According to elder Shoneye, he was over sixty years while the wife was was 59 years when they had their first child. According to the couple, all hope was lost and people thought they could not have child any longer but when they met with the servant of God Dr. Oluwasola Abosede, God turned their garment of shame with a bouncing baby girl. According to elder Shoneye "My wife carried the pregnancy for another five years but thank God for Dr. Oluwasola who kept encouraging us."

Dr Oluwasola encouraged and stood by us during this trying periods. She advised us that we should go deeper in prayers and we later went for deliverance and to the glory of God my wife was delivered of the baby after 5 years.
According to elder Shoneye, they waited for 35 years and 6 months before God directed them to GVM Fertility and IVF hospital where we were tested with MRI fertility machine and IVF was recommended for us. Mr Shoneye owns a bakery at Owode Idi Iroko while the wife is a principal in a secondary school. After the first successful IVF treatment, they both have a set of twins without repeating the IVF treatment. Phone no. 08073354193
Posted By: Elder and Mrs. Shoneye
We waited for 12 years as a result of multiple fibroid in my wife's womb, tube blockage and ovarian cyst. Now I thank God for connecting us with GVM fertility and IVF Center. When we got to GVM, the doctor told us to do MRI test which we did. After the fertility test, we were given the IVF treatment, which was successful as the multiple fibroids were melted away without any surgical operation and no admission. We had our first baby girl. Again, God has blessed my family with a set of twins without going for another treatment. - 08034986414
Posted By: Mr. & Mrs Somolu
My story changed after I visited GVM international and used their natural remedy for barren women, I conceived and I have my baby now. - 08066449885
Posted By: Mrs Sambe Elizabeth
Thank God for His mercy, we have testimony today. We had delay in child bearing for 6 years after marriage, We came to GVM Fertility and IVF Center, we underwent fertility MRI test, then we were given natural fertility treatment for one year. After that, the doctor told us not to come again or even go to another hospital for treatment, After 6months my wife conceived and gave birth to our first baby boy in a goverment hospital and then went to GVM Fertility Center to give our testimony- 08080957472
Posted By: Mr. & Mrs Uti Charles
I came to GVM with a long history of multiple fibroid and here at GVM, God opened my womb and I conceived, today, am a proud mother of children.
Posted By: Mrs Basira
I thank God for destroying barrenness in my life at GVM Fertility and IVF Center. My wife had tube blockage while I had no sperm count. We came to GVM, after MRI test and IVF treatment, we have our first child, a baby boy. Today, we have 3 more children after 10 years of delay. - 08160858952
Posted By: Mr. & Mrs Akinropo
We came to GVM Fertility Center in 2010, we had no child and I wasn't menstruating. I did MRi fertility test and after that I was given IVF treatment, which was successful, I took in but the enemy showed up, I carried the pregnancy for 25 months, but we kept on praying and God helped us, I delivered my baby safely. I am 45 years old and my husband is 47 years. My testimony was also published in Tribune Newspaper too. - 08030694028
Posted By: Mr. & Mrs Adeoye
I thank God who changed my story and delivered me from barrenness of 30 years through GVM Fertility and IVF Center. I am now a proud mother of children. when we came to GVM, the doctor told us to do MRI fertility test, after the test, we were recommended for natural IVF, after the treatment I conceived and was delivered of our first child. - 08059288803
Posted By: Mrs Adedeji
I am Mrs. charity Nwangwu aged 42 years. I came here with multiple fibroid and ovarian cyst and my husband had no sperm at all but to the glory of God, after using the GVM natural herbs, my womb was opened and today we are fruitful parents with our own children. - 08062468964.
Posted By: Mrs Charity
Mrs Awotunde's story changed after visiting GVM Fertility Center. She had fibroid but after going through our natural fertility treatment, she conceived and here is her baby to proof. She has other children without repeating the treatment - 07035569480
Posted By: Mrs Awotunde
The couple got married and for 10 years they waited for the fruit of the womb to no avail, but God visited them after using our natural fertility treatment. The husband was 52 years while the wife was 50 years the time they came to GVM Fertility and IVF Center. The husband had low sperm count while the wife had hormonal imbalance, tube blockage and ovarian cyst. After undergoing MRi fertility test, they were given IVF treatment, the woman conceived and gave birth to twins.
Posted By: Mr & Mrs Daniel Arah
Evang and Evang Geoffrey Obianjo had no children when they came to GVM Fertility Center and by the grace of God, they went through MRI test and were recommended for IVF treatment. After the IVF treatment, the woman conceived and was delivered of their first child. Today, they have 3 more children after that without repeating the treatment. - 08033541931, 08132965922.
Posted By: Evang & Evang Geoffrey Obianjo
The couple, Pastor & Mrs Sebastine had several miscarriages before they came to GVM Fertility Center, After going through, MRI fertility test, they were treated with natural fertility kit, and placed on GVM Natural Morn and today they have been blessed with their own baby. And subsequently have 3 more issues without any further treatment. - 08156386647; 08033612228
Posted By: Pastor & Mrs Sebastine
"I got to know GVM Fertility Center through Tribune Newspaper, and when we got there, we were treated with natural fertility herbs and we encountered the God of wonders at GVM Fertility Center, today we have our own baby".
Mr & Mrs Makanjuola are one of the beneficiaries of IVF treatment at GVM Fertility and IVF Centre. The couple came with the history of five fibroids, tube blockage and ovarian cyst while the husband had low sperm count. They went through MRI fertility test, after which the Chief Genealogist recommended IVF for them. After the first IVF treatment, it was sucessful, which resulted into the birth of this child. The husband was 60 years and the wife 42year.
Please note that this couple are deaf & dumb, but they can be reached via text message. - 08075629878
Posted By: Mr & Mrs Makanjuola
Deacon Nsofor when they came to GVM Fertility Center was unable to urinate normal for 2 years but when he was tested with our MRI machine and was treated with our natural herbal remedy, he became healed and now he can urinate by himself.. 08039138379, 08094504491
Posted By: Deacon & Deaconess Nsofor
The couple Alhaji and Alhaja from Ifetedo, Ondo State were barren for 15 years. They came to GVM Fertility Center, after going through the MRI test, it was discovered that the wife had a history of fibroid, tube blockage and ovarian cyst. However, after going through the test, she was given the natural IVF treatment, Today they have their bouncing baby boy. they have 3 more children. - 08020581204
Posted By: Alhaji and Alhaja
Mama ayo from Ikirun had a history of sickle cell anemia and had lost four (4) children who were SS because both the husband and wife are AS genotype. After the went through the MRI test and were given IVF treatment, the fibroid dissolved without any surgical operation and now she has given birth to a baby girl (Ayo) with AS genotype. - 08063669124
Posted By: Mama Ayo
I want to thank God of GVM and Dr. Abosede Olusola on the covenant of fruitfulness. I got the GVM Fertiity Center testimonial magazine on the ground and after reading through, I told my husband about it. We came to GVM and the doctor recommended MRI fertility test for us, which we did, after that, we were recommended for natural IVF treatment. Having gone through the treatment, I now have my own children With my own testimony, all my friends in London have also come and have got their own individual testimonies too. - 08033744681
Posted By: Mrs Adelugba

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