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The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines has been registered by the Government of West Bengal under Act XXVI of 1961 base on the central government of India act xxi of 1860 and the literary and scientific institution act of 1854. This act is applicable to the advancement and promotion of alternative medicine and complementary medical science in India and all over the universe.

The India Board of Alternative Medicine is a Government registered institution established for the purpose of promotion and propagation of various streams of complementary and alternative medicine not only in India but throughout the world.

This opportunity of wide range registration for anybody that wants to take this benefit of alternative medicines to any part of the country of the whole universe, the registration covers the CENTER.

The certificate will be issue from the original mother school in India and it’s useful and recognized to work with the certificate in any country, either in the country the center has been established or in any country of the world.

The successful and trained students of the board can practice and profess the various system of the alternative medicines as per the rules and regulation of the India Board of Alternative Medicine and must not go beyond their procedure registration of medical council of your country or India or any country is not required to practice the alternative system of medicines as per their letter. No MCI-34/96 MED/10984 addressed to the India Board of Alternative Medicines. Any graduate student from the institution in any country that follow the board procedure and possess their affiliation and accreditation certificate to establish.

A write petition was filed by the India Board of Alternative Medicines in 1996 to recognize the system of Alternative Medicines and the courses conducted by the India Board of Alternative Medicines in India or any country, the system may be established as well to protect the rights of practitioners of alternative medicine.

The Humble High Court at Calcutta has been pleased to pass an order of status quo in this matter.

The respondents in this case are
1. The ministry of health and family welfare
2. Ministry of home affairs etc.

Hence the matter is sub-judiced and any comment on this matter may lead to confusion and complication.
However some persons or institutions having vested interest are creating not only confusion in the minds of our exiting/prospective students and practitioners, but also damaging, defaming and decorticating the reputation of IBAM, such act of persons or institutions are derogatory in the eye of law, especially in consideration with the Humble High Court Calcutta status quo order about the functioning of India Board of Alternative Medicines where in the government of west Bengal;

1. Medical Council of India (MCI)
2. Health and family welfare department
3. Home affairs department of government are included as respondent.

In view of above mentioned order in force, persons or institutions are warned not to make any defamatory, detrimental or derogatory remarks through any means, failing which the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines will have no other alternative efficacious legal action against such acts without further serving any notices to them. The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is not mention among face.

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